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Entertainment Trading Cards / Organized Play

What is Organized Play?

Upper Deck Entertainment offers a unique opportunity for customer retention through Organized Play programs. As a store owner, you can run tournaments with the prize support we provide and get your customers invested in buying more product from you. These tournaments help make your store the place to play in the neighborhood—a destination spot for purchasing and playing with UDE products.

We offer robust tournament support for your store on many levels. Our programs are designed to give players value for their purchase beyond the cards they get in their packs by providing a place to play and a chance to win exclusive prizes. With your promotion on the local level and our global marketing strategies, UDE works with you to put your store on the map. Joining up is easy, so follow the links below to get started! Find out what so many store owners already know: running UDE Organized Play tournaments is the best way to get players into your store who will be dedicated, repeat-purchase customers for you.

Organized Play consists of:
Pro Circuit World of Warcraft Hobby League Hobby League