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The Upper Deck Company / Sports Trading Cards / Co-Op Program

We understand that it can be expensive to market your retail location. Upper Deck is proud to offer a variety of different Co-Op programs to help hobby shops make themselves better known in the community. Below are some examples of Co-Op programs we have run.

Print/TV/Radio Advertising – Advertising locally can be a great way to get customers in your shop, but it can also be expensive. Upper Deck and our network of Authorized Distributors may be willing to help offset the costs of advertising as long as our brands are featured in the ads. If you are looking to do some advertising, please contact either your Authorized Distributor or Dealer Services at with detailed information on what you have planned.

Store Makeover – After time, even the best shop can begin to look run down. The look and cleanliness of a shop are important to consumers. The ease of accessing items and positioning products that move well is very important in successfully merchandising a store.

Gordie Howe Appearance
New Signs

New Signs – The sign outside of your retail storefront can either be a great tool for inviting collectors to visit or a missed opportunity.

Gordie Howe Appearance Athlete Appearance – Bringing in any type of athlete is always a great way to create an event in your store and bring in traffic. Younger players or older retired players are usually available at reasonable rates to appear for in store signings and events.

If you are planning on giving your store a facelift or bringing in an athlete for an event, Upper Deck and our network of Authorized Distributors may be willing to help based on the level of support you are providing to our brands. Please contact your Authorized Distributor with a detailed plan of what you are looking to do and hopefully we can help to offset the costs on the makeover or event.