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Frequently Asked Questions

Hobby Gaming Accounts

Being a Direct Dealer
What Are the Advantages of Being a Direct Account With Upper Deck Entertainment? +/-
There are several valuable advantages to having a direct account with Upper Deck. First, you get the best price for new product with no distributor mark-up! Next, you have access to our hobby league kits for each brand, and other prize support that you can’t get thru a distributor. Third, you are eligible to participate in our programs designed to drive foot traffic to your store with no cost to you.

How Does Upper Deck determine its product allocations? +/-
Unlike other manufacturers, Upper Deck does not print its product to order. We decide how much of a particular product we are going to print and then solicit the product to our accounts. Allocations are all the same across the board for all Hobby Gaming accounts but it is always while supplies last.

How can I increase my allocations? +/-
As mentioned above, allocation levels are the same across the board for all accounts but if you want to inquire about an increase in your allocation per product release please contact UDE dealer support after the deadline date of each product release. Based upon a shop’s direct purchase history and inventory we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is Product Availability Guaranteed? +/-
No. As mentioned above, Upper Deck does not print its product to order, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. We believe that our philosophy leads to producing an inherently more collectible product which in turn leads to that product having a higher perceived value and a longer shelf life. All products are while supplies last.

Ordering Products
What is the Hobby Open Order Date? +/-
The Hobby Open Order Date is just what it sounds like. It is the date that ordering opens for a product for all accounts.

What if a product sells out before I get a chance to order? +/-
This can and does happen. While there are NO guarantees that product will be available when you attempt to place your order, there are several steps that you can take to minimize the risk. First, be sure that Dealer Services has your e-mail address in your account information. Next, be sure that you have our e-mail address, in your address book and/or on an “Approved Sender” list with your e-mail provider. Third, be sure to check out the product release calendar on the B2B site. While every attempt is made to keep the information there as current as possible, products can be delayed which can cause release dates to change without notice. However, the solicitation dates rarely change and if you check the calendar once a week, you will at least be in-the-know as to what’s coming up for ordering. If, after all that, you still get shut out of a product, please contact Dealer Services and let them know that you would like to be placed on a wait list should any additional product become available.

What happens if I miss the ordering window? +/-
The ordering window is scheduled to be as long as possible with typically only one day between the close of the window and the financing of the product in order to avoid just such a situation arising. However if you have still missed the window your best bet to obtain the product will be to contact Dealer Services or an authorized distributor of Upper Deck products.

Can I cancel an order? +/-
Once the order deadline date has passed, all sales are final. If before that date you need to cancel or reduce an order, you must contact an Upper Deck Account Executive and your order may be cancelled or reduced as a one-time courtesy. This, however, is not looked upon favorably by Upper Deck Management. To prevent abuse of this practice Upper Deck may institute a cancellation fee or unilaterally decide to do one or more of the following: Demoting your shop to the next lower status, canceling all pending orders, suspending and/or permanently closing your direct account.

What if my credit card declines or my check bounces? +/-
As a courtesy Upper Deck will attempt to contact your shop to advise you of the situation and attempt to secure an alternate method of payment. Again, this is done as a courtesy and it is ultimately your responsibility to provide a valid method of payment. Regardless of our success or failure in contacting you, Upper Deck will re-submit your order for payment one additional time. If your credit card declines or check bounces a second time, your order will be cancelled, a notation made in your account and you will not be able to obtain that particular product directly from Upper Deck.

What if the above happens multiple times on multiple products? +/-
This will be treated much the same as if you had repeatedly cancelled orders. If your self-chosen method of payment declines for multiple products Upper Deck at its sole discretion reserves the right to do any or all of the following: Require payment with cashier’s check or money order only for any pending and future orders; cancel all pending orders; suspend and/or close your direct account.

What method of payment creates the least amount of hassle for all involved? +/-
Obviously, “cash-on-the-barrelhead” through the use of a cashier’s check or money order leaves nothing to chance in terms of payment and record keeping. Probably next most convenient would be a Visa debit card linked to your business checking account. All the convenience and accuracy of a cashier’s check or money order –you either have the money or you don’t, no worrying about credit limits, etc-without having to deal with the post office. Next of course would be a credit card and finally would be the use of a business check.

Of course, with any “mail-in” type of transaction the vagaries of the Post Office will come into play and you should do all that you can to ensure that your check arrives safely. Consider using certified or registered mail or some other “signature required” and traceable method of shipping. Remember, Upper Deck is not responsible for any lost, damaged or misdirected mail.

I’d love to place an order but I haven’t gotten a product solicitation in a while. Why? +/-
Our solicitations are sent using an internet-based e-mail manager. If an e-mail service such as Yahoo! AOL, Hotmail, etc, rejects those solicitations thinking that they are spam; our e-mail manager will deactivate your e-mail address. Please be aware that Dealer Support receives NO NOTICE that an e-mail address has been deactivated. It is the shop’s responsibility to be aware that they have not received any solicitations in a while and to contact Dealer Support. Here are two helpful hints:
  1. Every solicited product with its SKU and relevant dates is noted on the product release calendar on the B2B website. If a shop was to check that calendar once per week, they’d never miss a thing.
  2. Upper Deck produces many products per year. With this being said you can pretty much expect to see at least one solicitation every other week. If you haven’t gotten anything in two weeks, chances are there’s a problem. BUT, sometimes there are slower periods with nothing being solicited for an unusually long time. So, your first and best bet will be to always take a look at the product release calendar on the B2B website first before you call Dealer Support.

Damaged/Redemption Cards
What should my customers do if they pull damaged cards? +/-
Please have your customers return their damaged product in the following manner:
  1. Carefully package the damaged card(s);
  2. Include the UD hologram from the box top if they bought the entire box;
  3. Provide a receipt or other proof of purchase;
  4. Write a brief letter describing the damage and cards;
  5. Include their name; contact and shipping information in the letter;
  6. Insure to cover the possible loss of any card(s) perceived to have a high value;
  7. Mail/ship the card(s) back in a manner that ensures its safe and timely arrival;
  8. Send the item(s) to The Upper Deck Company; ATTN: Quality Assurance; 5909 Sea Otter Place; Carlsbad, CA; 92010.
  9. If they have any questions, please direct your customer(s) to call Upper Deck Customer Service at 800.873.7332
  10. Please advise your customers that the standard turn-around time is 16 weeks.
  11. Your customer needs to also take into account when assessing the “damage”, especially very low-numbered or multi-colored patch/swatch cards, that replacements can be very limited or non-existent. Additionally, a replacement for a multicolored patch/swatch could be only single colored.

Missing/Damaged/Incomplete Orders
What should I do if I don’t receive a product that I’ve ordered? +/-
If it is after the in-store due date, please call Dealer Services with your order confirmation number and we will be happy to track your package for you. Please note that Dealer Services staff will not be able to provide tracking information on or before the in-store date.

What should I do if I don’t receive all the cases that I ordered? +/-
First, relax. Multi-case shipments to the same address can -and often do- get separated along the way by the various carriers. If you receive a partial shipment please allow 24 hours for the remainder of your order to arrive. If your regular comes and goes the next day without bringing you the wayward package, please gather up your order confirmation number and give Dealer Services a call at 888.362.6022 and we will be happy to track it down for you.

What should I do if one of my cases is missing contents? +/-
Please contact Dealer Services for the appropriate product at the contact information provided at the very end of this document. DO NOT call the carrier involved, we will do that for you. Dealer Services will then, at its sole discretion and based-upon availability, get you replacement product or a refund for the amount of the missing contents.

Sales Issues
I’ve got my product and I want to sell it on eBay or another online auction site, is that OK with Upper Deck? +/-
Upper Deck is very concerned about the practice of selling products below cost (a.k.a. dumping) whatever the venue. We believe that it undermines the perceived value of the collectible as well as the hobby’s ability, in general, to sell a product or products for a profit, which is the whole point of being in business.

And, yes, there is the argument that “I’m just a small shop with a couple of cases, how can I affect the market?” Imagine someone coming into your shop to buy a box of a particular product that you are selling at a standard SRP. And the customer says, “ABC Card Shop 10 minutes down the road is selling the same thing for $10 less”. Do you stand firm, match it or beat it? If you answered anything other than “stand firm” YOU have now given the next person the ability to walk into a third shop and say “There are TWO shops in the area that are $10 (or more) cheaper than you”. And just like the old commercial goes, “And so on and so on and so on…”

Upper Deck realizes that foot traffic may not be what it used to, so if you are going to supplement your in-store sales by moving some product online, we ask that you do it in a responsible manner this does not include any Hobby League material for it is against Upper Deck’s License Agreement. You may not resell any of the Hobby League Materials for profit, or distribute copies of the Hobby League Materials to others. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE HOBBY LEAGUE LICENSE TERMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY, YOU MAY RETURN THE UNOPENED HOBBY LEAGUE MATERIALS TO THE SOURCE FROM WHICH YOU OBTAINED THEM AND HAVE NO FURTHER OBLIGATION TO PARTICPATE.

Can I sell Championship Packs? +/-
Please remember that the purpose of these packs is for driving grass roots and player support in your store. It just takes a small handful of bad apples to ruin the experience of receiving these special packs buy either entering in a tournament or winning a tournament. Please continue to use for prize support if you are caught selling the most recent Champion Pack release it could jeopardize your official Tournament Store status.

Can I sell at the case level online at my own site or at an online auction site? +/-
No. If Upper Deck wanted to sell product at the case level directly to the public we would do so ourselves and at a much greater level of profit than by selling to a retail shop. Unauthorized selling of product at the case level by a direct hobby shop may result in the loss of the shop’s direct account with Upper Deck.

Tournament/Mantis Questions
Why should I hold sanction events? +/-
• ELO ratings and rankings system similar to the one used for chess. • Online tracking using new UDE Player Registration Numbers. • Ability to run (and report) more than one tournament a week. • Ability to run Swiss tournaments (not just single elimination). • Tournament management software that will automatically upload results. • Full Judge and Tournament Organizer Certification Program

Why should I hold the hobby league events? +/-
The UDE Hobby League is designed to help hobby stores provide a value to their customers that they can’t receive anywhere else. Hobby League kits include great point-of-purchase signage, eye-popping interactive materials for players and new prize cards every month.

How do I get a UDE number? +/-
• You can get a UDE Registration number one of three ways.
  • You can enter any Sanctioned UDE tournament.
  • Send a fax to the UDE Sanctioning Coordinator
  • Email your Support Representative
• Please fax your request to :
  • 866-366-6302
  • Attn: Sanctioning Coordinator
  • Please include a cover sheet with a copy of your Photo ID and an explanation of your request, and include the following information
    Name - Address - Date of Birth - Phone Number - E-mail address

How do I request UDE Registration Cards? +/-
Email with your address to request more UDE registration cards.

How do I become a Tournament Organizer so I can run sanction events? +/-
Tournament Organizer Certification-
• You will be notified via e-mail that your information has been updated and that you can now log into the Edit Membership section.
• Once your information has been updated in the UDE database, go to and click on the “Certifications” link.
  • From there, click on the “Tournament Organization” link and follow the directions.
  • Helpful guides for this test can be found by clicking on the “FAQ Collection” located at

How do I get the Mantis program? +/-
MANTIS can be downloaded by clicking on the MANTIS link at

Demo Team Questions
What is the Demo Team program? +/-
The members of the Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) Demo Team program are volunteers who love both playing trading card games (TCG’s) and teaching other people how to play TCG’s. Demo Team volunteers help promote our games at a grassroots level. The Demo Team plays a key role in developing fan support for our games, and each volunteer is essential to the success of our games and of this program.

How do I request a Demo? +/-
Official Upper Deck Entertainment Tournament Organizers (TOs) can request a demo for their hobby store or event using our online Demo requesting tool at This tool will generate an email to all Demo Team Members within a 50 mile radius of the requester. The email will contain the contact information of the requester as well as the game they wish to have demoed and dates they would like to have the demo take place. If you are interested in becoming an Official Upper Deck Entertainment TO please visit our certifications page at

How do I becoming a Demo Team Member? +/-
To become a UDE demo team member, you must be at least 18 years of age and pass the level 1 demo team specialization exam. The exam is available online at

What are the benefits of joining the Demo Team program? +/-
As a volunteer, you'll help expand the player base for all UDE games and Organized Play programs. You'll be part of an industry-leading team that helps new players learn the games that you love.

What about the Demo Team leaders? +/-
In recognition of their efforts, Demo Team leaders will receive UDE products and special UDE items. Demo Team leaders will also receive advance information about upcoming products, and they will be the first to receive demo decks and other support materials for brand-new UDE products. As if that wasn't enough, Demo Team leaders will also have the opportunity to volunteer at conventions and other premier events, and in some cases, Demo Team leaders will receive help from UDE for their travel expenses.

Who do I contact for more information? +/-
For more information, to find out how to become a member of the Demo Team program, or for answers to any other Demo Team-related questions, please email

Other Issues or Questions
This has all been very informative and helpful but I still have questions, who can I speak to? +/-
For help regarding sports card accounts and products, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call us at 888.752.9832

For help with Upper Deck Authenticated accounts and products, please e-mail us at or call toll free at 800.551.8220.

For help with Upper Deck Entertainment accounts and products please e-mail us at or call us toll free at 888.362.6022.

Other Upper Deck Entertainment Customer Service Contacts +/-
  • For game play questions email
  • For tournament organization questions email
  • For questions about the judge program email
  • For questions about your ranking, invites, UDE #, etc, email
  • For more registration cards email
  • For questions on the hobby league email
  • For questions on the demo team email
  • For general questions and customer service assistance email
We make every attempt to return your call or e-mail the same business day that we receive it, but as we’re sure you can appreciate, there are a lot more of you than there are of us, so please allow 24 hours to get back to you.

Organized Play FAQ

I am a Tournament Organizer, what do I do now? +/-
Once you become a Tournament Organizer, you can sanction and report official UDE tournaments for any of our supported games.

How do I request a sanctioning number using MANTIS? +/-
You can find the "Obtain Sanctioning ID" option on the "Perform Data Uplink" screen found in the "Utilities" menu. You must create a new tournament before you can request sanctioning.

How do I create a new tournament? +/-
Select "Create New Tournament" from the "Tournament" pull-down menu and fill out all of the information requested. Be sure to check the box next to "Sanctioned UDE Event." Otherwise you will not see the "Obtain Sanctioning ID" option on the "Perform Data Uplink" screen.

A new tournament requires a location and the only option available is "to be determined." What is a location and how do I go about creating one? +/-
Locations are associated with the Tournament Organizer who created them. Tournament Organizers can share locations with other Tournament Organizers or create new locations. A Tournament Organizer can create a location by clicking the "Locations" button on the new tournament screen and then clicking on the "Create New Location" button on the "Select Location Screen". From there, just fill out the required information and then click the "Create" button.

So every time I create a new tournament, I'll have to fill out a new location? +/-
No. Once you create a location you can continue to use it, since it is saved locally. You can also store locations on our servers allowing you to download and share stored locations to any computer running a copy of MANTIS.

How do I store locations on UDE servers? +/-
After you create a location in your MANTIS software, click "Perform Data Uplink" from the "Utilities" pull-down menu. You should see an option to "Obtain Location Code" for the created location.

How do I download all other locations stored on UDE servers? +/-
Click "Perform Data Uplink" from the "Utilities" pull-down menu. You should see an option to "Update Global Location List." This will download all the locations that are on UDE servers onto that computer.

Why exactly do you need a location from a TO for a sanctioned event? +/-
We may occasionally stop by or call to check on your event and make sure that it follows Tournament Policy outlined here In the future, any time a Tournament Organizer requests sanctioning for a tournament run at a location recognized by our server (if the TO obtained a location code), their tournament and their location will be advertised at the Organized Play home page

How do I use MANTIS to run the tournament? +/-
The answer to this question is outside the scope of this FAQ. You can find the MANTIS instructions here The "Documents" tab in the MANTIS program also contains operational instructions. For specific questions please contact

How do I use MANTIS to report a tournament? +/-
Once you finish your tournament, make sure to close it by clicking on the "Close" option from the "Tournament" pull-down menu. You can then report a tournament by clicking the "Perform Data Uplink" from the "Utilities" pull-down menu. You should see an option to "Report" for that tournament.

Players want to know why their ratings didn't immediately change after a tournament was uploaded. +/-
Ratings are updated once a week. Rating calculation is still "real-time," so if someone is late turning in their tournament results, ratings will be calculated for that tournament, and recalculated for any tournament already reported after the late tournament.

I issued new UDE membership registration numbers at this tournament; where do I send the player information? +/-
If you are from North America, you can send filled-out UDE membership registration numbers to the following address:
Upper Deck Entertainment
Attn: Tournament Sanctioning Specialist
5909 Sea Otter Place
Carlsbad, CA 92010-6630

If you are from Europe, you can send filled-out UDE membership registration numbers to the following address:
Upper Deck Entertainment
Flevolaan 15
1382 JZ Weesp
The Netherlands

If you are from Australia or New Zealand, you can send filled out UDE membership registration numbers to the following address:
Upper Deck Entertainment
Attn: OP Manager Australia/New Zealand
P.O. Box 157
Kings Langley, NSW 2147

I ran out of blank UDE membership registration cards; how do I get more? +/-
You can get more cards by sending an email with the subject "More UDE membership registration cards please" to In the body of the email please write your UDE number and your mailing address associated with that UDE number. Direct retailer accounts in North America may also contact their Tournament Support Representative to order more cards.

I am not able to connect to UDE servers. +/-
There are a couple of things that can affect this. You must be at least a Tournament Organizer Level 1 or higher in our systems for at least 24 hours. You can check your TO status here at under the "Edit Membership" link. You must be connected to the internet to connect to UDE servers. Finally, our servers do go down for maintenance; please try again a while later.

I am fairly new at running sanctioned tournaments; any tips? +/-
First off, please read and follow the Tournament Policy outlined here: Second, to ensure the success of your tournament, plan ahead. Here is an example time frame for when you should do the things explained in this FAQ:
  • Create a new tournament. Also create and store a location on UDE servers if needed. Obtain a sanctioning ID. You should do this about two weeks in advance of the tournament date.
  • Run and close the tournament. You should do this on the day of the tournament.
  • Report this tournament. Ideally, you should do this the same day you run the tournament. In any case, you are required to report no later than seven days after running the tournament.

For further Tournament Organizer related questions please contact

Mantis FAQ

If you have not done so already, we highly recommend that you read through the "MANTIS Operational Instructions," which is located in the "Documents" section of MANTIS. The following information is the "Cliff’s Notes" version of those instructions in regards to creating, sanctioning, and reporting your tournament. Please go through the "MANTIS Operational Instructions" to find out how to enroll players in your tournament, pair the players, award wins/loses, etc.

To Create a Tournament:
Create your tournament by clicking on "Tournament" in the menu bar and then selecting "Create New Tournament" from the drop-down menu. Make sure you fill out as much information on the "Create New Tournament" screen as possible. Make sure you check the box next to "Sanctioned UDE Event." Don’t worry about the "Set Sanctioning ID" button.

If you have never held a tournament at the planned location before, you will need to click on the "Locations" button. On the "Select Location" screen, click on the "Create New Location" button. Fill out all the information on the "New Location" screen and then click the "Create" button. Go back to the "Create New Tournament" screen and in the "Event Location" box, click on the drop-down arrow and you should see a list with the name of your tournament location. Select that location.

After you are done filling out the information on the "Create New Tournament" screen, click the "Add New Tournament" button.

To sanction a tournament:
You need to click on "Utilities" in the menu bar and then select "Perform Data Link" from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a new window onto the screen. If you have never reported a tournament from that location, you will see an option that says "Obtain Location Code for: (name of the store where the tournament was held)". You will need to check that box. From now on, whenever you create a new tournament on that same computer and that tournament location is the same as this one, you will not have to check this box again (this option will no longer be available).

Next, you will have to check the box for "Obtain Sanctioning ID for: (name of the tournament)". Every time you create a new tournament, you will have to check this box for that tournament.

Type in your Username (UDE Number) and Password, then click the "Perform Tasks" button. You should see messages that tell you that the actions were successful. Your tournaments will now be sanctioned.

As a bonus, your tournament will also appear in the search pages of our website, so if someone is looking for tournaments near you, yours will appear. You’ll usually want to sanction your tournament a week before your actual tournament date.

To report a tournament:
After you are done running your tournament you need to make sure you click the "Close Tournament" button.

You need to click on "Utilities" in the menu bar and then select "Perform Data Link" from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a new window onto the screen. Check the box that says "Report: (name of the tournament)". This will upload the results of those tournaments to Upper Deck.

You will have to type in your Username (UDE Number) and Password again and then click the "Perform Tasks" button. You should see messages that tell you that the actions were successful. You should also receive an e-mail telling you that your tournament results were received and recorded.

It normally can take a day or two for the results of your tournament to get posted online. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check the tournament locator in about a day or two to see if the results from your tournament have been posted online.