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Upper Deck looks to partner with hobby shops who promote Upper Deck and Fleer Brands. The goal of every shop should be to give collectors a reason for visiting your shop and spending money with you. Having engaging, interactive events is a great way to accomplish this object. Some ideas on events many of the more successful shops run are listed below:

Pack War 1 Pack Wars – The premise for pack wars is to get collectors excited about opening cards and to create a perception of heightened value in all cards. Come up with some prizes for the winners of each round, have participants open packs and then use the information on the card to identify a winner for that round. For example, have collectors open their packs and ask, "Who has the tallest player?" Collectors will shout out heights and the person running the event will recognize the new leaders. Once the person who has a card with the tallest player is identified, they are the winner.

Birthday Parties – Come up with packages for youngsters to have birthday parties in your shop. Usually they can be set up in the early afternoon when stores are slower. For a flat rate, kids get pizza, cake, get to play games and get goodie bags. Most shops usually offer different levels of packages here to meet the needs of all customers.

Pack War 2 In Store Raffles/Auctions – For every $10 spent, award a raffle ticket to customers for a weekly auction that takes place on one of your typically slower days. Customers must be present to win. Use a variety of trading card and memorabilia product. Allow customers to bring in some of their unique items they consign with you to auction off to collectors in attendance before the raffle.

Draft Parties – For the NHL, MLB, NBA and especially the NFL, consider having a draft party and have a TV in your shop featuring the event. These are longer events so they are a great way to keep collectors in your shop while creating excitement for next year's products.

Fantasy Sports – Some shops have leagues where customers pay a certain amount to the shop and the shop awards card prizes to winners each week and then a grand prize to the largest winner. These are a great way to create buzz for players your collectors may be managing and also to keep collectors connected to the shop.

Spelling Bees – Pull players with more difficult names to spell and have a spelling bee with prizes as a unique event for the month. Customers will go through their common cards more frequently to learn names and it can be very funny as well to watch collectors struggle to spell names of players like T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Many shops will incorporate Trivia in this as well to give young and old collectors an opportunity to participate and win.

In Store EventBid Boards – For shops that struggle to move singles, many stores use a bid board. It is a large board that goes up along the wall of a store with clips. Collectors open product in the shop and then can post the cards on these boards for sale. On a certain day (usually Saturday) and at a certain time, the bidding is closed and the cards are sold. The shop receives a percentage of the sale price, similar to on-line auction sites, except here there are no problems with delivery or unscrupulous sellers. After the auctions are closed down, customers have a certain amount of time to post new auctions. This usually stimulates box and pack sales for shops.

Upper Deck and our Authorized Distributors will on occasion offer to assist with sponsoring a special in store event focusing on the release of a new product. We will allow some shops to purchase new products direct and deliver it early for their customers to have the first opportunity to view the product. If you believe you have the client base to support a pre-release party of a certain product, please contact your local distributor or e-mail us at for consideration.

On occasion we will also award athlete appearances to stores, but usually that involves meeting some type of sales goal or winning a certain promotion. We encourage shops to explore obtaining local athletes on their own if possible as they are a great tool to draw customers to your shop.