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The Upper Deck Company / Sports Trading Cards / FAQs

  • Q. I have a customer who pulled a card out of a pack that was damaged. What can we do for him?
    A. Since the packaging of cards is a mechanized process, there are opportunities for them to be damaged. We work very hard to decrease the likelihood of these events by analyzing damaged card returns, but it can still happen. Also, with the rise of grading cards, collectors are more particular than even about the condition of their cards. We will replace any factory damaged card for up to eight month or until the replacement stock is depleted.

    Unfortunately we cannot replace cards that are not factory damaged where perhaps a collector feels their card may grade as an 8 and they wish to send it in for replacement in hopes of receiving back a card that may grade as a 9 or 10. We also cannot replace ultra rare items like cards that feature cut signatures of deceased athletes, 1 of 1 cards or plate cards. If you have issues with these types of cards, please e-mail scans of the cards to so we can review options for you.

    Please return factory damaged cards a traceable method with a letter explaining what is wrong with them to the address listed below:

    The Upper Deck Company
    Attn. Quality Assurance
    5909 Sea Otter Place
    Carlsbad, CA 92010

    Card will be replaced on a card for card basis. We cannot offer trades for other cards. Up to 40 cards can be submitted per request. Replacement time usually takes between 6-10 weeks. Cards that are autographed, feature game-used memorabilia or that are factory numbered may take longer than normal given additional steps involved in replacing them.
  • Q. I have a customer that is trying to put together a set, but they just keep getting duplicates and they are getting frustrated. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. Upper Deck utilizes random distribution in lieu of a sequence when it comes to inserting cards into packs. The random distribution does not rule out the possibilities of duplicates in a pack or box however. To try to completely control or eliminate the possibility of replication would eliminate the concept of randomness.

    There are rare occasions however where cards may fire into packs at incorrect rates. These are very isolated occurrences. If you have a major issue with that type of situation, please contact or call us directly at (800)873-7332.
  • Q. I have a customer who expected to get a certain number of cards out of the box/case because of the posted insert ratios, but he fell short. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. The Upper Deck Company utilizes random sequencing in the packaging of its trading cards. For our insert cards, we indicate the probability of obtaining an insert card within a pre-determined number of foil packs or boxes. The stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run and this ratio is not guaranteed to exist within an individual box or case.

    However we understand the investment your customers make by purchasing products at a box or case level and we do want to support them. Unfortunately most of these box and case cards all pack out into the product. We can however usually assist with some type of unopened product or other complimentary items. Have your customer send their complaint in writing along with the box top(s) from the product purchased to the address below:

    The Upper Deck Company
    Attn. Quality Assurance
    5909 Sea Otter Place
    Carlsbad, CA 92010
  • Q. I have a customer who opened a box/case of product and they are upset about the value they received. They expected to be able to sell all the cards for the cost of their initial investment. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. We make no representations on the future value of cards we produce or the potential return on investment a customer may receive after immediately opening the product. The trading card market is highly speculative and values will frequently change, similar to the stock market, which are based on a variety of factors out of our control. We publish checklists and ratios of obtaining certain cards in product, but even when purchasing at the case level, there are no guarantees of pulling a certain card or cards that one can resell for the price of the initial box/case purchase.
    We do understand there are our larger customers however and we believe they are important to our company. We hope you understand these bigger chase cards are inserted into the product and we do not make a practice of holding them back because we want collectors to find them. We are willing to assist with some type of complimentary product however if it is warranted. Customers with issues on value should put their complaint in writing, include proof of purchase and send that to us to review at the address below:

    The Upper Deck Company
    Attn. Quality Assurance
    5909 Sea Otter Place
    Carlsbad, CA 92010

    Much of the fun of opening product is the search for these highly sought after items, but there are no guarantees a card like this may be pulled by opening boxes or even cases due to random distribution used in the insertion of them into packs. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
  • Q. My customer pulled some type of error card. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. Please contact us at (800)873-7332 to discuss or better yet, send a scan of the card in question for so we can review and get back with you. Usually most errors will go uncorrected, but we do like to know about them.
  • Q. My customer has been waiting for a redemption card for some time. What options do they have?
    A. We will pursue the athlete or athletes until they ultimately sign. After a certain amount of time however, we may look to come up with a replacement item for customers in the event it appears they will not sign. Customer may request replacements on a redemption that has been redeemed without being sent for 45 days. Usually we will replace any items we do not believe we will be receiving after one year.
  • Q. My customer pulled an expired redemption or another type of offer. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. Unfortunately we cannot honor expired redemptions. We have to have a start date and end date to all exchange programs. After that end date the product is either destroyed, used as replacements for other projects or awarded to free method of entry participants. Most exchange offers are generally good for 6 months-2 years so keep that in mind when purchasing and selling older products. Shops can usually get good deals on older boxes and cases, but if there is an issue with expired offers, damage, collation or insert ratio, there is little we can do to help with these products.
  • Q. My customer pulled a redemption card, but there is no sticker on the front indicating what they won?
    A. This happens extremely rarely. Card can sometimes stick together and we realize the error at the end of the run when we have extra labels remaining. We keep these labels until we hear from customers who pull those cards. We can assist with getting your customer the best card from the labels remaining for their set. They need to contact us for instructions on returning this card and redeeming it by calling (800)873-7332 or by e-mailing
  • Q. My customer is trying to redeem a card, but it indicates it has already been redeemed by another user. What can Upper Deck do to help?
    A. Please have your customer contact us via e-mail at with the code on the card, item description and a message indicating how they acquired the card. If the card has already been redeemed and sent to another customer, we cannot help your customer. If it has not been sent and your customer is in possession of the redemption card, we can transfer the card to their on-line account.
  • Q. My customer pulled a redemption card for a draft pick redemption. What takes so long on those cards?
    A. For Basketball and Hockey, the player needs to first make the team. Then we need to capture photos of them. For Hockey, the player actually needs to skate in an official NHL game before we can even begin the process. Draft cards are great ways to add value to early season products and create interest in new rookies, but due to league restrictions, they usually are not available until a couple months after the start of the season.
  • Q. I have some great ideas for Upper Deck. Do you accept outside ideas and if so, where can I send them?
    A. We strive every day to bring you innovative products that push the envelope. We realize though that there is no expert quite like you the customer. We encourage you to provide us with any suggestions on how we can better serve you and, in the end, offer you better products. To submit ideas for new products, please click here to go to our suggestions page. If you have ideas for programs for hobby shops, please contact