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The Votes are In: Upper Deck’s ‘Social Media Awards’ Winners are...

Several online trading card communities, bloggers and video box-breakers honored


Carlsbad, CA (April 8, 2010) – Upper Deck’s first-ever “Social Media Awards” competition came to a close earlier this week, completing the company’s goal of recognizing some of the top trading card online communities, bloggers and video box-breakers. Passionate collectors from around the world all weighed in by casting their votes over the last week and as a result of these awards, many of those same collectors found out about a variety of online collecting communities, bloggers and video box-breakers they didn’t know about before. Many of the communities nominated shared that they saw large increases in membership to their groups as a result of the awards.


“We were really blown away by the response we saw to Upper Deck’s ‘Social Media Awards’ over the last two weeks,” said Chris Carlin, sports marketing manager for Upper Deck. “The big takeaway we discovered as a result of these awards is that there is no ‘best’ community, blogger or box breaker. They all offer something different and they have a tremendous support network. It’s that diversity that makes this hobby so great so we will not be recognizing one, but rather all that finished in the top five in their respective categories.”


The top five communities will receive links from Upper Deck’s Community page and will be featured in an article on the Upper Deck Blog. All five of these communities will receive a trophy. The community with the most votes will receive a variety of unopened product, a LeBron James-signed UDA basketball and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football (autographed by more than 25 players) to use as giveaways with their community of loyal collectors. The other four communities will receive a Sony PlayStation portable and some unopened product as well. Those communities are listed below:


The top five bloggers will receive links from the Upper Deck Blog, will be featured as part of an entry about their blogs there and receive trophies. The top-rated blogger will also receive a variety of unopened product and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football. Those bloggers are listed below:


Opening Day Cards

Field Level View

Canada Card World

A Cardboard Problem

Wax Heaven


The top five video box-breakers will receive a free box of Upper Deck product to review, have their individual videos featured on Upper Deck Diamond Vision and receive trophies. The top video box-breaker will receive a variety of product for the next year and have every video of theirs featured on Upper Deck’s Diamond Vision site. The top video box-breakers are listed below:


Box Rippers – blackmagik44

The Hobby Box – CHRI5784





Upper Deck would like to thank all those nominated and everyone who took the time to vote. As the hobby gravitates to more online interaction, Upper Deck will remain focused on recognizing the efforts of those who positively promote the hobby through that medium. Congratulations to all who participated.


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